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The Top Seven Cardinal Rules for Executive Assistants

5. Be Kind!

As an office assistant, it is your duty to make yourself pleasant, this is why it is important to show that you are well-mannered, respectful and always willing to help. Use the magic words more often than you normally would (“Thank you, please, etc”), always smile when you meet people and offer to help them handle complex tasks. Learn the basic etiquette rules, always introduce yourself to new guests, apologize for mistakes or delays and offer your business partners fresh beverages or snacks, especially if they need to wait. Kindness is a virtue!

6. Use The Company Benefits And Resources, If You Can

It often happens that companies offer a series of benefits to their employees, from free or discounted subscriptions to the local gym to free annual appointments to dentists, eye specialists or general practitioners. If your company offers such benefits as well, then make good use of them: why pay for services that are already covered, when you could use the money to improve your wardrobe, for instance?

7. Understand And Respect Your Job

Working as an office assistant is the same as the job of secretary, and secretary means “the one who keeps secrets”. In other words, your employer must trust you: give him a reason to do so, show him that you are trustworthy and reliable and never divulge personal or professional information under any circumstances, unless you are required by law. Always shred sensitive documents that are no longer needed and respect the information you’ve been entrusted to.

8. Take Your Job Seriously

By taking your job seriously, you show your employer that you are worthy of your position and that you are grateful for the job opportunity. Remember that thousands of other people would kill to be in your position, therefore appreciate what you have and work hard to climb the success ladder. If you try hard enough, your employer will certainly appreciate it and reward you with a salary raise or occasional bonuses. If you do not take yourself seriously, do not expect others to do it!

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