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The Top Seven Cardinal Rules for Executive Assistants


Working as an office assistant can turn out to be very rewarding, both professionally and financially. Nonetheless, if you think about pursuing a lucrative career in this field, you need to give your very best. Here you will find several useful tips on how to become a good office assistant:

1. Your Desk Is Your Business Card – Keep It Clean And Simple!

As a good office assistant, you must keep your desk organized and clean all the time: not only because it is not your personal space, but because you will get into contact with tens of professionals on a daily basis, and a messy desk will certainly send off the wrong message. In the end, they say that one never gets a second chance for a good first impression. It is perfectly fine to get some personal possessions at the office, as long as they keep them in drawers and they are properly organized.

2. Know The People You Are Working With

Every job supposes a bit of team work, and that means getting to know those that work in the same building as you do. Know your team, introduce yourself to them if you did not already do that, become familiar with their needs, preferences, skills and goals. Figure out their role in the company, the things they would like to change about the company and the aspects they particularly like about their job.

3. Dress For The Job You Want, Not For The Job You Have!

As an office assistant, you need to look impeccable all the time and you do not afford to go wrong. If you work in a corporation, you will need to get suits and other tailored outfits, given the fact that you will meet your boss and clients on a regular basis. It often happens that the office assistant represents the image of the company, as well as the image of their boss.

4. Learn How To Complete Both Simple And Complex Tasks

The office assistant usually needs to deal with a wealth of office-related tasks, from scheduling meetings to answering phone calls and sending e-mail messages. Answering the phone calls is extremely important, and whenever you answer a call you must mention whose office is it as well as the person who is on the phone (your name). Speak clearly, be polite and, most importantly, always stay patient.

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