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6 Reasons Why Cheap Makeup is Your Worst Enemy

4. Lower Overall Quality

Expensive makeup looks a lot better than cheaper products, not to mention that cheaper makeup has less staying power and considerably less pigmentation as well. Expensive makeup trends come in a wealth of different colors and shades, they allow you to experiment with various color intensities. This aspect is particularly useful for very creative makeup artists, although people with no specialized training can benefit from these products as well. Quality is essential, especially for unique events where you cannot afford to go wrong. Is your wedding day approaching, or you use to attend parties a lot and you always want to look flawless? If so, then expensive makeup will surely rise to your expectations in terms of quality and impact.

5. Different Packaging

While it is true that the quality of the makeup is far more important than the packaging of the product, the latter does play an important role especially if you are always on the go and you want to take your makeup with you. Expensive makeup is usually more compact and easier to transport, and it comes in a user-friendly, appealing packaging.

6. Expensive Makeup Usually Comes With A Return Policy

Another great aspect about expensive makeup is that most brands offer free samples that you can try in order to find the one that best meets your needs. Unfortunately, this is not the same with cheaper makeup, not to mention that you usually cannot return cheaper products if they cause redness or irritation. In other words, if you invest in expensive makeup (and you buy it online, where you cannot try it first) and you notice it is not compatible with your skin, you can easily return it. This way, you will not be stuck with a product you cannot use in the long run!

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