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6 Reasons Why Cheap Makeup is Your Worst Enemy

For many of us, makeup has become an important part of our daily routine, and for a good reason: makeup boosts our self-confidence and it gives us a fresh, appealing look that lasts the entire day. Nonetheless, just like it happens with perfumes, clothes and basically any other type of product on the market, you can opt for cheap makeup products or you can invest in expensive ones. Here you will find 6 strong reasons why you should invest in expensive makeup products:

1. They Are Not Properly Designed To Match Your Skin

It is essential to choose makeup products that match your skin tone, type and condition. You are unlikely to find very cheap makeup products that are especially formulated for sensitive skin. The more expensive ones have different formulas for dry, sensitive, oil, red skin and so on. These makeup products have two effects: not only do they manage to conceal blemishes and give you a fresh look, but they also help you treat or at least manage your skin condition. For instance, if you have very dry skin then choosing a hydrating foundation will keep your face moist and delay the onset of wrinkles, as it is a known fact that dry skin is prone to premature aging.

2. Expensive Makeup Products Last Longer

Nowadays, you can easily find a foundation that lasts 24 up to 36 hours and looks impeccable, and same applies to waterproof mascara or eyeliner. For instance, every “makeup addict” knows that eyeliners can smudge and make you look very tired, but expensive eyeliner will stay in place until you remove it with special makeup tissues. Same applies to mascara: waterproof mascara does not come cheap, and if it does then it is usually not very resistant.

3. The Quality Of The Ingredients is Lacking

Nowadays, many makeup manufacturers have started to switch from synthetic ingredients to natural ingredients, which are not only better but also healthier. Organic makeup ingredients are just as good as artificial ingredients, and they are also friendlier with your skin: besides, they are a great choice for those who have sensitive skin and who are allergic to traditional makeup products. Quality is never cheap, and that is a known fact. The price of the makeup is usually a very good indicator of its quality, and expensive brands are generally a better choice than the drugstore makeup products. After all, famous brands have a reputation to keep and they do not afford to ruin their image with low-quality ingredients, thus the high price of their products.

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