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Your Love of Food isn’t a Problem – But Eating These 5 Snacks at Work Is

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3. Chocolate Power Bars

Chocolate power bars are not that bad, except the fact that one power bar contains around 250 calories. These are delicious snacks that can help you fight sweet cravings when you are at work, and they also boost your energy levels at the same time. The only problem with chocolate power bars is that they are not a great choice when you are hungry, as hungry people rarely limit themselves to just one bar.

4. Canned Roasted Peanuts

Roasted peanuts are very convenient, especially since they are very cheap and they come with different amounts of salt: you can choose peanuts that are fully coated with salt or peanuts that only have a light amount of salt, for extra taste. However, one dry peanut contains about 6 calories, which means that by eating 100 grams of canned roasted peanuts you can easily consume up to 600 calories or more. In other words, although they do help you control your hunger during the work hours, dry salty peanuts are not exactly the most suitable diet food if you plan to lose weight.

5. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Last, but not least, chocolate chip cookies are also very popular amongst busy people: as a matter of fact, if you check your coworker’s desk drawers, you are likely to find a bag of cookies somewhere! However, 100 grams can sum up to 500 calories which means that they are great sugary treats every once in a while, but not the most inspired choice as meals. Besides, sweets are known to spike the blood sugar levels, which are responsible for controlling hunger throughout the day.

In conclusion, we live in a busy world and most of us are on a tight schedule, this is what turns many of us into mindless, comfort eaters. When we work and we are subjected to a great deal of stress we tend to eat more than we normally would, without realizing how many calories we consume. The high calories coupled with the high amount of trans fats that is usually found in snacks and the lack of physical exercise can dramatically increase the risk for diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and such.

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