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Your Love of Food isn’t a Problem – But Eating These 5 Snacks at Work Is

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There is nothing wrong with having some snacks in your desk drawer, especially if you need to work extra hours on complex projects. Nonetheless, it is essential to focus on high-quality snacks with high nutritional value, rather than snacks that are rich in calories and have no vitamins and minerals whatsoever. These caloric bombs will not prevent you from feeling hungry for too long, not to mention that they will wreak havoc on your waistline. Busy people seldom have time to work out and if your daily calorie intake is too high, this will inevitably lead to weight gain, sooner or later. Having said that, here you will find a list of the top 5 high calorie office snacks people often eat while they are at work:

1. Pretzels

Pretzels are very convenient: they taste good, they are affordable and they come with a great packaging that will allow you to enjoy these snacks without worrying about cleaning once you are done. Delicious as they may be, did you know that 10 pretzels can contain well over 200 calories? This, along with the high amount of salt found on them can affect your health in the long term, as it can increase the risk for heart disease. Besides, pretzels do not contain as many dietary fibers as certain fruits and vegetables, which means that you will feel hungry shortly after you eat these office snacks.

2. Microwave Popcorn

Nowadays, large corporations often have small kitchens where employees can use the basic kitchen appliances for making fast food, coffee and such. Microwave popcorn is another unhealthy, high-calorie office snack most busy people eat when they are hungry and do not have the time to go out for a healthy meal. However, the dangers of microwave popcorn are not a secret to anybody these days, and studies have revealed that popcorn bags contain a potentially carcinogenic compound that is released when the bag is heated in the microwave.

In addition to this chemical that is used for coating the interior of the bag, the artificial flavors (butter, bacon and such) can trigger respiratory diseases and increase the risk for cancer. Besides the health dangers, a bag of popcorn contains around 400-450 calories, which means around 20% of the daily recommended dose of calories.

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