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What is the “Paleo Diet” ?


Critics go on to say that, neither Paleo hunter-gatherers nor our more recent ancestors were immune to all diseases either. So why should it be any different today? Recent research from one of the leading general medical and specialty journals in infectious diseases, neurology, and oncology, The Lancet, checked for indications of atherosclerosis in over 100 ancient-mummies. The study focused on groups of hunter-gatherers, foragers, and farmers from around the world, including Peru, Egypt, the Aleutian Islands, and southwestern United States. Evidence of atherosclerosis was discovered in 47 of 137 mummies from every geographical region.

Nonetheless, the devil is always in the details. One can very well conclude that 90 of 137 mummies were free from arterial disease. Of course, our predecessors faced numerous threats to their health such as viral infections and specific lethal bacteria, but should we be facing those same threats today? And if diabetes, obesity, cancer, and heart disease were not common back then, doesn’t that still point to something promising about the Paleolithic diet?

The author of “Way to Eat” states that “consuming more foods from nature is much healthier than the standard American diet; however, how the Paleo-style diet measures up in the long-term to vegan, Mediterranean, Asian, or other enhanced diets, remains to be seen.”

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