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What is the “Paleo Diet” ?


Due to the unrestricted quantities of fruits and vegetables allowed on the Paleo Diet, the body will become mildly alkaline. This means that ailments and their symptoms of acid/base inequities such as exercise induced-asthma, inner ear ringing, motion sickness, insomnia, asthma, stroke, hypertension, kidney stones, and osteoporosis, will improve. In addition, the high soluble-fiber substances of the Paleo Diet will improve various diseases of the gastrointestinal-tract, while the elevated omega-3 fat content will improve inflammatory-diseases.


Of course, there may be some risks according to Paleo Diet experts. By avoiding dairy and grains, a person is at risk of loosing out on numerous nutrients. Furthermore, if one is not cautious about making lean-meat choices, the risk for heart problems increases. Though there are no exact dieting limitations, anyone starting a new diet should speak with their physician prior to making changes to their meal plans.

Without a doubt, the fat quantity and quality in the wild-game our Stone-Age relatives ate greatly differed from the quantity and types of fat found in meats today. No one is asking dieters to rub two sticks together, grab a slab of buffalo meat, and cook it over a fire. However, research concludes that a 100-gram portion of roast-buffalo contains a mere 2.4-grams of fat, and 0.9-grams of saturated fat. While a portion of T-bone beefsteak consist of an unbelievable 23-grams of fat, and 9-grams of saturated fat.

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