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7 Foods That You Should Never Eat After a Workout

If you work out and you want to get a lean body, exhausting yourself in the gym will not do you much good: for the best results, you must combine your fitness training with a balanced, nutritious and healthy diet. Here are some of the worst post workout foods that you should avoid at all costs:


1. Salty Snacks Of All Kind

Pretzel Sticks
Spiced and Salty Nuts and Seeds
Salty Popcorn
Saltine Crackers
Wheat Thins- Wheavers, Wheatables, etc…


It is not uncommon to feel the need for something salty after your workout, given the fact that when you sweat your body eliminates nutrients along with water (including potassium). You can opt for a healthy meal and replenish your potassium levels quickly and naturally, without using salt tablets or salty snacks, as they are usually high in calories. Instead of snacks, eat a banana or some dry pieces of fruits. Bananas are known for their high amounts of potassium, and they are surely a healthier alternative to snacks.

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