Antivirus companies say their products no longer work

The entire Antivirus industry has reportedly admitted to a serious product flaw:  antivirus products are poor at detecting or terminating new viruses that you might download. What’s the reason? Profit.

Every computer is a target, and with so much riding on the line – credit card info, social security numbers, address books and income statements, for-profit hackers are out to steal every last bit they can get, receiving bounties in the hundreds for compromising a single computer, and working diligently to infect hundreds of machines at a time.

Rather than using well-known vulnerabilities that most antivirus software vendors already know about, criminals are almost entirely focused on writing new code, bypassing known problems and customizing a new trojan with each hacking attempt.  The amount of work required and level of skill is much higher, but the rewards are a windfall, and every day more criminals are jumping on board to earn a larger slice of the pie. A recent study from Cisco showed that of 82 brand new viruses, only 5 percent were successfully detected by antivirus products. Users infected with malware aren’t even likely to notice until it’s too late. Most of these backdoor trojans can stay hidden for months, and even after exposing their owners might become dormant again for years.