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Morning After Pills are now legal – what you should know

emergency contraception can be used the day before or after
There are many types of morning after pills and they differ in the span of time they can work effectively for example ulipristal acetate(ella) can be effective on the 5th day and progestin-only contraceptives(eg Next choice one dose or B One-Step emergency contraception) up to the 4th day after sex. Ella is more effective near the time of ovulation compared to progestin-only emergency contraception, however none are effective after ovulation has occurred. Most of the contraception pills require that you take 2 pills. You can opt to take them all at once or take one pill immediately and the second after 12 hours have elapsed.
Some of the reasons as to why should buy morning after pills are discussed below. No matter how trivial the reason may seem to you do not be took quick to ignore it.

-You should take the pill in the event of the condom comes off or breaks during sexual intercourse.
-In case the cervical cap or diaphragm slips or movesout of place or tears during sex.
-In case you were sexually assaulted or raped.
-In the event that you forgot to take birth control pills and had sex
-If you realize that you missed at least 2 or 3 birth control pills in a row.
-In case you’re vaginal ring or patch is placed in too late or in the event that it is removed too soon.
-If the spermicide tablet did not melt before sex.
-In case the Intrauterinedevice or in short IUD comes out.
-If you use the family planning method and notice that you have had sex on one of the fertile days of our cycle.
-You can also take the pill before sex if you do not wish to take it the morning after.

It may be hard to determine how many pregnancies the birth control pill is able to prevent. Mostly because there is no way to know for sure how many women would have become pregnant if they hadn’t taken the pill. But according to research carried out by the world health organization in 2010 only 37 out of 1696 women who used the morning after pill got pregnant after sex. This is an indication that the emergency pills work effectively.

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