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Cold Brew Coffee – More Flavor, Less Acidity

cold brew coffee

Cold Brewed Coffee, served piping hot!

Coffee is the world’s most popular drink, and getting cups of it into your belly every morning is probably already one of your favorite activities. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get even more flavor out of your java every day, reduce the bitterness AND reduce the acidity levels? Not only are all the above true, but you can get even more out of your favorite liquid by following the simple instructions we’ve given below for making, and enjoying the new energy drink – Cold Brew Coffee.

These “perks” could turn cold coffee into your new favorite beverage. Here’s just a few of the surprising advantages, some you can find anywhere and others are really amazing!


Hot coffee naturally has some bitterness to it, which is a big reason why most people mix sugar and cream into their drink. When you make cold brew, the coffee beans won’t be coming into contact with any hot water. This means the beans will have a sweeter flavor due to them being brewed in a different way. The cold water and brewing process changes the chemical profile of the beans and causes them to taste sweeter; which produces a nice tasting coffee beverage without the bitterness of a hot cup of coffee.

If you are looking for a coffee that you don’t have to drink with a ton of sugar, this might be what you are looking for. A lot of people are actually able to drink cold brew without any flavoring at all, even if they were used to adding it into hot brew. You can experiment with flavored beans or drink those that are plain to see which you like the best when brewed cold.


There are a lot of people who can’t drink normal coffee because it’s too acidic for them. Generally these people suffer from GERD or other stomach and digestion issues. While there are low-acid coffee blends, these generally don’t taste that great. The best part about coffee that is cold brewed is that it’s naturally low in acids because of how it’s made.

Because hot water isn’t used, the oils that are full of acid aren’t pulled through into the coffee mixture as much as they would be in a hot beverage. This makes it gentler on the stomach and digestive system as well. Most coffee will have up to 65% less acid in it when brewed cold instead of hot.


If you wanted to drink a low acid coffee, then you would only have a few different choices available. Those coffee beans could also be difficult to find, especially at most regular grocery stores. With the cold brew technique you have the ability to brew any flavor of coffee that you want. This means you can try out kinds that you have been avoiding just because they weren’t specifically low in acid. It’s also fun to try out different flavors to see how they taste when they are cold brewed instead of hot brewed.


Coffee is a huge industry that makes billions of dollars every year, especially when it comes to home brewing machines. Instead of spending your own cash on a fancy machine, you can cold brew it at home for free. There are a lot of techniques that will allow you to make coffee with items you probably have lying around the house. You could also buy a cold brewing system, which is generally very affordable and doesn’t use any power.


You can easily make cold brew coffee at home without a whole lot of effort. You just need to have coffee, water and the right tools in order to make it happen. Even if you buy a machine it will be easy to use because it doesn’t use electricity and doesn’t have any fancy features on it. Coffee that is brewed cold is simple, tasty and easy to make on your own.

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