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Top 10 Foods That Will Boost Your Immune System

Yogurt is good for immune system
8. Eat the yolk – Although there are mixed reactions about eating egg yolks, they do have their benefits to your diet. As an extremely high in protein content, high levels of zinc and selenium, and other important minerals, all of these things are beneficial to helping with immune system health. Although they are higher in cholesterol when consumed in moderation, and when eaten along with the right foods, egg yolks do have their benefits, and they can help fight the common cold, and other immune system deficiencies and illnesses that you would like to fight.

9. Oysters – It is a well known aphrodisiac, but they are also great at helping you build a healthy system. The high levels of mineral zinc found in oysters, are great to boost your overall immune system health. Zinc has certain antiviral components, and this is something that is essential when you are trying to keep illnesses at bay. It is also great at helping to cure and lessen the severity of wounds, and blood clotting; these are all beneficial components that zinc brings to the diet, and oysters are very high in the amount of zinc that you are going to get per serving that you consume.

10. Yogurt – Live cultures that are found in yogurt, are going to be able to help protect the intestinal tract against gastrointestinal illnesses, and will help to build up an immunity in your system against certain illnesses. From preventing the common cold, to having properties that have been found to help fight certain ailments, even cancer, you can’t go wrong with adding this power food in to your diet regime. Not only is it tasty, and helps to fight off illness, it is extremely high in protein, which is another beneficial factor when you are trying to remain as healthy as possible, and fight common illnesses in the system.

These 10 for immune system health are some of the many foods you are going to want to add to the diet. Protein rich, nutrient rich, high in antioxidants, zinc, and other illness fighting properties, they are all great choices to include when you are trying to remain healthy, and have a healthy lifestyle.

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