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10 Must-Have Items For Winter

Flannel Sheets – Even warmer parts of the country still have very cold evenings. Nothing feels better on a cold winter’s night than slipping into a cozy bed, complete with flannel sheets. A down comforter or electric blanket can also help provide a warm night’s sleep and sweet dreams.

Humidifier РWith colder weather, people turn on their heaters more often. Having a heater running throughout the day can cause uncomfortable side effects from the increased dryness in the air. Scratchy throat, irritated eyes and even a bloody nose can occur from lack of humidity. A humidifier will help restore moisture in the air, leaving you more comfortable.

Hot Chocolate – What better time of year to enjoy a high quality cup of hot cocoa than during a cold winter evening? Treat yourself to one of the many gourmet brands available. Top with whip cream or miniature marshmallows, relax and indulge your senses.

A Good Auto Winterization – Don’t cut corners when it comes to safety. For those living in frigid climates, getting stranded in your automobile is more than just an inconvenience, it can be life threatening. So one of the most important 10 must have items for winter is to get you car serviced. Have antifreeze checked, oil changed, battery tested and an overall inspection to be sure your car won’t leave you stranded in the cold.

A Good Winter Coat And Warm Gear – Maybe we’ve proven mom wrong because going out without a coat won’t make you sick, but if your body isn’t kept warm, it uses precious energy reserves trying to keep out the cold instead of tending to you. Mom was right that our immune systems can weaken without keeping our body temperatures constant. So be sure to purchase a good winter coat, complete with hat, earmuffs and gloves, designed to be appropriate for the weather in your area of the country.

Emergency Food Kit And Water – Prepare for the fury of a winter storm and/or power outage by making sure your household has at least 3 days of extra food and water stored for the unexpected.

Candles – Not only do candles provide ambiance to a long, dark winter evening, scented candles can provide uplifting aromatherapy to help beat winter blues. In addition, a candle is great to have if power should go out.

A Good Book – People tend to be more sedentary during winter month’s, when the cold keeps them from many of their favorite outdoor activities and the early sunsets tend to make them more drowsy. Winter is the perfect time to read that long novel you’ve never seemed to have time for. Reading helps you escape and drift away from winter blahs.

Pet Clothing – If you are a pet owner, remember your cat or dog needs to be prepared, too! If your pets are always outside, they will need warm shelter and a water bowl that won’t freeze. If you have indoor pets, make sure they stay warm with booties and sweaters when you take them outside.

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