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10 Must-Have Items For Winter


Don’t feel blue just because colder weather and shorter days are coming because these 10 must have items for winter will get you through. Preparing for the change of season now ensures a smooth and happy transition into December, when winter’s telltale signs of cold temperatures and early sunsets appear in full force.This top ten list of what you need for winter will make those three months more comfortable, and in no time you will “think spring.”

Full Spectrum Lights – With winter comes much shorter daylight hours. Many people suffer from seasonal affective disorder, where the lack of light can lead to common winter blues or depression. Having full spectrum lighting in your living room or bedroom helps your mood improve because these lights mimic sunlight. A must have in any home.

Immune System Boosting Supplements – When cold weather comes, so does cold and flu season. Fight back with a strong immune system by getting plenty of rest and taking immune enhancers such as garlic, zinc, Vitamin C and Echinacea to help avoid illness. In the event you do catch a bug, have a cold and flu care kit already at home so you don’t have to shop when you are under the weather.

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