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How To Defeat Unhealthy Lifestyle And Win Your Health Back

There is an epidemic of unhealthy lifestyle around the world and the United States is no exception. Our daily food choices make us obese, shorten our life and make us constantly fatigued. According to the Journal Lifespan, The average BMI of our nation is almost 29, making us one of the fattest countries. While obesity is extremely dangerous for health, we do not want to focus on the problem in this article. Instead, we are going to talk about the solution and show you how easy it can be to keep ourselves healthy.

You are indeed what you eat, but a healthy diet is not only for looking good. What we put in our stomachs affect how we function and feel. Nutrition is important for our heart, lungs, liver, and other vital organs. It also directly affects the functionality of our brains. So, poor food choices make us less intelligent as well. The people often underestimate how powerful the right diet can be. The best way of staying healthy is to eat right. It is more powerful than any medication and any exercise. It is a fundament of our health and ignoring it will have dire consequences.

Often the people who do not carry excess fat falsely believe that they do not have to eat healthy food since they are not overweight. We all have seen our skinny friends or family members who can eat all kinds of junk food and still not gain a pound. However, simply because they can metabolize that much amount of food, does not mean that they provide the right nutrients to their bodies. Obesity has several health consequences, but lower body fat percentage is not a cause of a healthy body.

There is nothing complicated about eating healthy food. Here’s the basic guide:

Avoid these foods like a plague

Processed foods – They will not kill you once in a while, but in the long run they are bad for you. They provide very little nutritious value and usually are full of flavor enhancing chemicals. You need to try to avoid as much as possible to break the habit of having them for every dinner. Eat only when you have no choice.

Foods full of sugar – If there was an award for the most dangerous food on this planet, sugar can easily win the title. It’s simply bad for you. It has no nutritious value and is linked to obesity, diabetes and other diseases. The small amount is okay, just like anything else. The problem, however, is that everything around us is packed with sugar or the artificial sweeteners. The daily recommended amount is no more than 25 grams. That is less than one small can of coke.

Most fast foods – You can’t tell us that you are surprised Mcdonalds is not healthy. So is other fast food chains. Their foods are full of sodium, calories, and chemicals that have no nutritional value.

Start loving these foods

Good old veggies – Yes, they are not the tastiest foods in the world, but they are extremely good for your health. One of the main reasons why you hate them is that they taste terrible compared to the processed foods that have tons of flavor-enhancing chemical added. Once you stop eating them and your taste buds recover, natural foods like vegetables will start to taste good. So, be patient.

Eat fat – Until you faint or close the webpage because of this tip, wait and keep reading. Fat is not evil. Eating fat does not make you fat. Excess calories that your body does not need to become fat. You need healthy fat for the body to function properly. Eat fatty food like Avocados, nuts, even cheese, and eggs. Stop listening to the trend of low-fat products. They are simply marketing to make you purchase another sugar-packed product. The only problem with the fatty food is that they tend to have lots of calories, but if you control yourself and eat it in moderation, you will not gain weight and keep your body healthy.

Eat lean meat like chicken or turkey – Many vegetarians would disagree and yes, eating meat is no necessity, but it is a great source of important vitamins and protein. So, instead of trying to compensate for it using various difficult vegetarian ways, simply eat them instead of beef or pork.

Another very misunderstood part of a healthy lifestyle is exercise. Yes, it is very important and great for you. No, it is not only running on the treadmill for two hours 5 times a week at the gym. Your body does not know if you are in the gym or running outside. It also does not know if you elevate your heart rate playing basketball or soccer. The goal is to stay active and let the blood flow. How you do it is only your business, as long as you are doing it safely. Always get checked by the doctor before you start the exercise routine.

The main thing behind a healthy or unhealthy life is consistency. It works both ways – one cheeseburger will not kill you and one broccoli will not make you a superhuman. It only matters when you do all these above over the long period of time. That is why it is important to keep doing it. It is better to eat a small amount of healthy foods and eat a little bit of less junk food for a year than to start a strict diet and fail after 10 days.

Now you know the basics of staying healthy. Eat right, exercise a little bit and do it consistently and you will be healthier than ever.

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