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7 Untold Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Coffee Time
3. Working Out – Before you exercise at the gym or at home, you might want to consider drinking a cup of your favorite brew. After you drink your coffee, it will release endorphins in your body within only a few minutes. Once these are released, you will be in a better mood and actually feel like you want to exercise! Endorphins will increase your performance and can also help you workout longer and harder. The caffeine in the coffee will also give you an energy boost that doesn’t result in you crashing later on. If you want to have better performance when you’re exercising, a cup of coffee can definitely help you out.

4. Cognitive Function – Do you sometimes have a cloudy mind and can’t quite figure out what to do or say? This can be stressful whether you’re at work or trying to get things done at home. Drinking coffee on a regular basis can actually help you get over these mental problems and increase your cognitive abilities. Researchers in California performed short term memory tests, cognitive ability tests and awareness tests for individuals before and after they drank coffee on a regular basis. The results showed that individuals, specifically women in their senior years, benefited from regular coffee drinking. It helped improve their thinking abilities so they were better at problem solving and daily tasks.

One theory of why this works is because the caffeine in coffee prevents plaque buildup of beta-amyloid. When this plaque is reduced, the brain can function more smoothly and things like Alzheimer’s disease may even be prevented. There are many other theories out there as to why coffee boosts cognitive function. These theories differ based on the study and the science that is used.

5. Stroke – A 2009 study done by the Department of Family Medicine in Seoul, Korea, found that chances of stroke could be reduced by drinking more than one coffee beverage per day. The risk of stroke decreased by 25% for the women who were in this study. Another study done in Finland with male participants showed that their risk of stroke was reduced by 12% when they drank more than 4 cups of coffee on a daily basis.

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