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7 Untold Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Coffee for health
When you wake up in the morning feeling groggy and tired, coffee can be just what you need to wake up. It can give you energy and clear your mind so you can focus and get things done. While you know you can rely on a cup o’ joe to perk you up, do you know the other benefits of drinking it? You might be surprised to learn some of the unique benefits of drinking coffee that most people aren’t aware of!

1. Longer Life – A recent study done by the National Cancer Institute found that individuals who drink coffee on a regular basis are likely to live longer than those who don’t. The study was done with 400,000 people of all ages who drank both regular and decaf, depending on their preference. Although the reasoning behind this still isn’t clear, many scientists think it’s due to the many antioxidants that are naturally found in coffee.

Another reason why coffee may result in a longer life is because it can help get rid of bad habits that most people have. For example, drinking a cup of coffee throughout the day can easily replace the act of picking up a cigarette and smoking. Coffee can also reduce unhealthy snacking and promote exercise for those who drink it regularly. All of these things can contribute to a longer life just from sipping your favorite beverage each day!

2. Disease Prevention – In a study done by Harvard, researchers found that drinking one to three cups of coffee per day can benefit the health dramatically. For example, consuming one to three cups per day can reduce your risk of diabetes. In addition to this, drinking six or more cups per day can even further decrease that risk. This study also showed that the development of Parkinson’s disease could be decreased by 80% and risk of colon cancer could be decreased by 25% for coffee drinkers. The Journal of Nutrition also did research that showed women who consumed four or more cups of coffee per day could decrease their chances of developing breast cancer by 40%.

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