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10 Healthy Snack Ideas

Assorted fruit

4. Fresh Fruit – Although the most mundane of all of the ideas, fresh fruit is always delicious, especially when the fruit is in season and ripe. Look for fruit in a supermarket, and grab one before you leave the door. It’s healthy, and definitely a great alternative.

5. Dried Fruit – Those who don’t want to deal with fresh fruit will find dried fruit to be a great alternative although it packs a bit more sugar. They have a lot of fiber, taste and nutrients within them. Depending on the fruit, some pack a lot of vitamins as well. Trail mix is generally easily attainable at stores, and has a lot of different selections within the mix.

6. Granola Bars – You can buy them everywhere. Not only they taste good, they do not contain much fat and usually don’t have more than 200 calories.

7. Banana Bread, and Other Loafs – Depending on where you purchase these baked goods, there are many bakeries that use organic ingredients and less oil during the baking process. It’s a great alternative that is also filling.

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