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Top 10 Worst Lunch Meals You Can Eat

3. Muffins – Muffins have been long thought to be a healthy breakfast idea, and many people eat a muffin and coffee for lunch as well. However, most muffins are made from enriched flour, sugar, and butter which are all unhealthy for you and will cause you to crash as the white flour and sugar have a high glycemic index.

4. Baked Potato – When you think of baked you think of healthy, and a baked potato is definitely healthier than its cousin the fry is. However, potatoes have a high glycemic index and will cause you to feel tired when eaten because they cause a quick spike in your blood sugar, which quickly drops dramatically and causes you to crash mentally and physically.

5. Cheese and Enriched Crackers – While cheese is generally accepted to be healthy for you, the crackers are not unless you are eating a certain kind. Most crackers are filled with sugar, additives, fats, and enriched flour. For example, the first ingredient (which means the biggest ingredient) in the popular Ritz cracker is enriched flour. When you eat enriched flour, you are eating wheat that was stripped of its natural make-up and then put back together with other stuff. According to the Global Healing Center, some of those items can be toxic. For instance, they say that the iron added is not really a nutrient at all but rather a metallic iron that is not bioavailable to the human body and is not meant to be consumed. Therefore, look for healthier, whole-grain crackers made from buckwheat, flax, or spelt.

6. Prepackaged Cheese and Meat Trays – Prepackaged trays with cheese, crackers, meat, and fruit are so convenient, and so unhealthy. First, they are full of preservatives to make the product last long on the shelf. Second, they are full of salt to help the product taste good. Lastly, they are packed in plastic trays. It is well known that plastic trays used for food packaging are made from Polyvinyl chloride (PVC or vinyl), and the chemicals leach out of the plastic and into the items surrounding them, like your cheese and crackers. There are many health issues associated with these chemicals including DNA damage, lung function damage and weight gain. Therefore, you should really avoid any prepackaged meals for lunch.

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