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Top 10 Worst Lunch Meals You Can Eat

burger with fries and soda
There are many foods that we unanimously think of when we think of lunch; however, many of these foods are not healthy for us. In addition, many of these foods are not doing what they should be doing as a lunch, which is providing us with enough energy to get through the rest of the day. The following 10 worst lunch meals you can eat may surprise you, and you may find yourself changing your lunch menu from this point on.

1. Fast Food Hamburger and Fries – A sensible size burger on its own is not that bad; however, if you add an extra patty, supersize bun, bacon, all the condiments, a few pieces of cheese, and then add some fries to the mixture, you are on your way to heart attack city. Even if your fries are Trans fat free, you are still packing on excess calories that you don’t need midday. In addition, french fries can be hard to digest, which will drain your energy and ruin your productivity for the rest of the day.

2. Convenience Store Premade Sandwiches – Every convenience store carries a version of a sandwich, and they are definitely convenient! Just grab, heat, and go. But, most premade sandwiches contain unhealthy preservatives to help keep the sandwiches intact until they reach the store. In addition, they contain unhealthy fats, sweeteners, and other additives. If you want a sandwich, take the time to stop into a store that makes sandwiches on the spot or has made them fresh that morning, it will take two extra minutes and be much healthier.

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