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Top 10 Anti-Aging Foods – Secrets of Staying Young

Dark Chocolate
3-Healthy Greens – Healthy greens contain calcium, folate, and various nutrients that improve bone heath, shield against the decline of the reasoning faculties, and help avert eye problems due to age. Diets rich in vegetables like cabbage and broccoli decrease the risk of cancer and memory loss as well.

4-Dark Chocolate – According to the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, cocoa beans, from which dark chocolate is produced, along with the intense concentration of antioxidant-flavanols reduces inflammation of the skin derived from contact with UV light. In addition, consuming dark chocolate can invigorate circulation and improve the skin’s ability to hold moisture; besides decreasing the manifestation of wrinkles and helping the skin to appear younger looking.

5-Beans – Research has shown that beans are the perfect heart food, and the more you eat, the merrier. They provide a superb source of low-fat protein, especially for vegetarians. In addition, they are full of fiber, which assists with lowering cholesterol. Additionally, they are bursting with vitamins and minerals, rich in antioxidants, and abundant in potassium, iron, and vitamin B.

6-Whole Grains – Fiber, mineral, vitamin, and antioxidant rich, vitamin B, whole grains can reduce the onset of age associated illnesses such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. Due to their slow digestion rate, they are perfect for preventing diabetes and high blood pressure. Brown rice and oatmeal are excellent sources of whole grain foods.

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