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Top 10 Misleading Food Labels – Watch Out!!!

Organic Food Label

We are all trying to eat better, and nutrition labeling is supposed to help us do that. Labels help us make choices based around fat, calories, sugar, additives and even how natural the product is. However, looking at the labels and trusting them to mean exactly what they say may not be enough to gain a sense of what we are really putting inside our bodies. Following are 10 misleading food labels that we are faced with every day.

1. Organic – The health conscious, who want to buy food pesticide free, often look for organic foods. There are special sections of supermarkets that are dedicated to organically labeled foods. However, organic may not be as ‘organic’ as they want you to believe. The label ‘organic’ means that 95% or more of the ingredients must not have been grown or processed with pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. If it says ‘made with organic ingredients’ then 70% is the minimum. Look for foods that say 100% organic, as they must completely meet organic regulations such as all ingredients must be organic and all processing aids must be organic.

2. Made From Real Fruit – This is an especially popular label for kids. Fruit is healthy and kids can benefit from the nutrition that fruit provides. Unfortunately, a ‘real fruit’ label can be put on a product with a little fruit and a lot of sugar. The truth is that there is no regulation of how much real fruit needs to be included in order to slap this label on a product. Therefore, sugar flavored with fruit could literally be labeled ‘made from real fruit’.

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