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Top 10 Healthy Trends for 2013

The Top 10 Healthy Trends of 2013

Over the past few years, people have started to care more about what they eat, given the high number of adverse affects we experience with certain foods and lifestyles. This is why more and more people will focus on eating healthy, choosing organic fruits and vegetables, and changing how they exercise. This year is expected to be a blossoming one regarding health, as new healthy trends will be emerging. Here you will find the top 10 healthy trends for 2013:

1. More Diets Based On Food Sensitivities

Last year was the year of gluten-free diets, this is why in 2013, there will appear more diets based on food sensitivities. This is possible with the numerous health programs that are designed to help people avoid food sensitivities and their bothersome side effects. Diets that aim to avoid sensitivity to soy and dairy will be very popular this year. Soy is a very reactive food that can cause a wide range of dangerous diseases, if it is misused. Moreover, people have also started to realize the side effects of artificial sweeteners – some types can lead to liver problems and inflammation.

2. An Increase in Programs To Prevent Child Obesity

Statistics have revealed that one in three Americans is overweight, this is why in 2013 there will be numerous programs that aim to prevent obesity amongst children aged 5 or younger. Michelle Obama has launched the well-known “Let’s Move!” campaign for school-aged children, which aims to reduce the obesity rate, considered to be one of the most serious threats of our time.

3. Organic Beauty Products

In 2013, the number of organic beauty products will also increase considerably, as people are looking for make-up and beauty products that are free of dangerous chemicals and parabens. As many health experts claim, farm-to-face treatments will be extremely popular this year, which means that some beauty products will be used in raw form, without over-processing them and affecting their quality. All-natural ingredients in make-up will be very popular in 2013. Moreover, this health trend is also expected to be adopted by spas and other beauty centers. <<continued on page 2>>

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